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Fatigue & Overwhelm vs Rest & Replenish

and why it's important to address...

I’ve been so tired lately - I know it’s not just me…but WTF is going on?

To be honest, I’m not tired all the time (that's a bit of an exaggeration)...but it's enough that I deeply appreciate when I feel more energy and motivation,  and can go dancing, work out, be social or just productive)...but honestly, more often than not these days I’m feeling pretty fatigued. And when it hits me hard, it’s all I can do to stay awake. 

So I listen to my body and slow down. I get quiet and rest by taking naps on my couch or listening to a yoga nidra meditation (which usually makes me fall asleep).

I replenish by being outside, present and in communication with the natural world. I take walks with friends and make nourishing foods; fresh organic veggies, salads with local produce (even some from my garden where I nourish myself on many levels), summer soups, and occasionally a sweet treat. 

I have also been ruling out any physical issues - blood tests, doctors visits etc to make sure it’s not physiological (so important to address!)

Regardless of where it’s coming from, I imagine that at least part of it is because the world feels so intense… and if you’re a thinking, feeling, caring human - you’ve got to be impacted. Wars in so many places, genocide that our tax dollars fund…the earth heating up and natural disasters rising, along with the cost of everything. The divisive nature of our culture, our times lays heavy upon us. 

The reality is that we can only show up and make lasting changes externally (and help others)

when we are feeling rested enough internally. We can't pour too long from an empty cup.

How do you replenish?

With all that in mind, how do you deal with feeling tired or overwhelmed? How do you hold these intense times and listen to your body’s needs? How do you replenish, whilst not losing sight of (and care for) others and our larger environment? 

I'd love to hear from you.

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