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I am deeply grateful to my courageous clients who trust this process, who allow me to guide them back towards their authentic, whole selves and forward, towards their goals.


It is an honor to share in this journey, and a great joy to witness the transformation that occurs in our work together. Below find some of their appreciations.



I was struggling with crippling post-partum anxiety and OCD when I started seeing Dr. Loi. I was frightened, overwhelmed and felt as if I had no control over my life. With her guidance, I learned powerful new tools to help me stop the anxiety spiral and pull myself out of panicked and obsessive thinking. She’s been helping me to understand the root cause of my anxiety, and I have been able to release painful childhood traumas through her somatic based practices. I have transformed from a nervous wreck with almost constant anxiety to a much more calm and centered individual with only occasional bouts of anxiety. When the anxiety comes, I have tools to stop the fear before it takes over my reasoning. These changes have had a ripple effect in my life and have helped strengthen my marriage as well as my self-esteem. I feel incredibly fortunate to be continuing this deep, emotional work with Dr. Loi as it’s helped me to regain a sense of balance in my life. I cannot recommend her enough!


Cazadero, CA


Working with Dr. Loi was a wonderful experience. Calm, non judgmental, and compassionate, she helped me break through issues which were holding me back and gave me the tools to tap into my true self and move forward with clarity. I would highly recommend Dr. Loi Medvin to anyone seeking the space to work through life’s little and not so little issues!


Monte Rio, CA


I am so glad to be able to write this “5 star” testimonial for Dr. Loi C. Medvin in Santa Rosa, CA.

For over a year she counseled me using Mindfulness-based therapy: breathing exercises, tapping (EFT), body/emotion awareness, and stress reduction.

Everything was done in a professional manner and in a comfortable setting. It was some of the most important time I have spent in many years.

If I have left anything unsaid it would only be because we were able to do so much good work in such a short period of time; and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you Dr. Loi.


Rohnert Park, CA


As a past counselor for troubled teens, I found it extremely difficult when I realized I, myself needed help. Dr. Loi is graciously patient and never rushes. She is poignant, yet gentle. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking to better their lives in a soul healing approach.


Santa Rosa, CA


I have so much peace inside here now and it’s amazing to see how far I’ve come!


Santa Rosa, CA


“I feel much more rooted and embodied…


Petaluma, CA


When my partner leaves town, I have a hard time sleeping soundly.  This has been going on for years.  I purchased Dr. Loi’s Meditation CD and there are so many guided meditations. I find the whole CD helpful. I’ve defeated my insomnia with the sleep meditation. I also use these guided meditations when I lose focus. I take a little time for a guided meditation, and the clutter in my mind clears out and I am much more productive.


Santa Rosa, CA


Dr. Loi’s CD is GREAT! I highly recommend you buy it. I have used it to help quiet my mind during meditation. I really like her voice & find her tone very soothing. Lately, I have been having trouble getting to sleep, so I decided to give the CD a try. I was very skeptical because my mind races & it can take over an hour to fall asleep sometimes . I actually fell asleep within the first 15 minutes after getting in bed! I’m grateful to Dr. Loi & for the work she does!


Fort Bragg, CA


Dr. Loi’s meditative and relaxation cd has been a great aid in assisting me to gain restful sleep and peace of mind when I am often unable to find tranquility. I highly recommend these recordings to anyone seeking a calm soothing voice to relax with


Sebastopol, CA

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