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I’m honored you’re here and want to know more about me & the foundations of my offerings.

Whether in my therapy or coaching, on a retreat, in one of my group programs, or on the dance floor, my work is about bringing people back into connection with themselves.

In service of this, I use my clinical training coupled with movement and awareness-based practices to facilitate greater ease, embodiment and reverence for oneself, others and the earth.

As I educate and empower my clients within a relational and neurobiological framework, we work collaboratively to reawaken the innate wisdom and coherence of their body systems—brain, heart, and soul. Through this process, they rediscover the joy of being.

My Core Values


Right Relationship

Focus on regenerative practices – “restoring, renewing, and revitalizing” (i.e., nourishing) ourselves back into balance and harmony. This then ripples out towards others and the earth.


Caring, acceptance, and understanding of our perfectly imperfect nature, along with boundaries help to foster a sense of safety and clarity in relationships.


Awareness of, compassion with, and integration of all parts of ourselves leads to feeling more pleasure and a greater sense of being attuned to ourselves, others and the earth.

These core values form the foundation and guide both my life and work.


Practice what we preach, showing up fully present, honest, and trusting ourselves to speak what needs to be shared (this means we are in touch with and know ourselves).


The inner journey is a mystery so we lean into the exploration with a sense of experimentation, of playfulness, of openness, trusting we have the answers inside of us.


We work in partnership, acknowledging the client's role in their own healing with cultural sensitivity, mutual respect, transparency, and open communication to empower the client towards increased self-efficacy.

This Work is Sacred

And it is an honor to help create and hold this safe space for you to show up, as you are.

It is a joy to help facilitate a feeling of space between stimulus and response. Our curiosity and compassion can transform you into the fullness of who you are meant to be —whole, alive, vibrant and joyful.


Let's Work Together




Individuals, Couples & Groups

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Psyche's Midwife




Retreats and Workshops 


More About Dr. Loi

I grew up in Sonoma County, California, on the unceded territory of the Indigenous Coastal Miwok & Pomo, on a farm with goats and a big garden. When my parents divorced, I moved with my father to the “big city”  but I never lost my love of, reverence for (and connection to) the natural world.

Though my childhood and teen years were not easy, I learned to navigate my experiences of trauma and still find joy, which laid the foundation for the work I would eventually do with others.

Significant life experiences that inform my work include: early emotional and physical trauma, domestic violence, traveling internationally, having an unassisted birth, creating my own secure base with my daughter (but having an intensely difficult teenage experience), deep loss, community organizing and engagement including the SPRN (Austin) and Ecstatic Dance (2013+), and the process of being with, moving through and integrating it all.

Working with clients since 2005, my years of clinical training and practice include: a therapeutic preschool for victims of trauma, working with domestic violence perpetrators (taking over the intakes for the program, facilitating a DV group, and training the incoming supervisor), 2 years at a long-term, in-depth psychodynamic clinic, predoc at a college counseling center, and 3 years of post-doc in neuropsychology, as well as numerous trainings (see CV for details).

Ultimately, all of these experiences–and the joy I’ve found through the muck–are woven together into a rich tapestry that provides a roadmap for my work with clients. 

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