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Letting Go with Grace and Ease

Hmmm, that sounds good you might think but what does it really mean?

Letting go with grace means that you expand into what comes your way, rather than resist. Letting go with ease means that you allow yourself to remain in a state of love, or return to it no matter what is happening around you.

Being in these states, you vibrate at specific energetic frequencies and you will naturally draw those people and experiences with similar vibrational levels and resonance to you.

When you are in a state of resistance, that is fear. Being in a state of fear is a state of contraction. When you are in that contracted state, everything draws in – your muscles become tight, your blood flow decreases, even your very DNA becomes rigid and brittle and there is resistance along a sense of being stuck. Again, you are vibrating at a certain frequency and will attract like experiences.

I’m going to tell you a story that highlights that choice – it’s something that happened to me today, in fact. My old supervisor, the doctor who shares the office next door to me (and whom I sublease my office from) came in and said he wanted to talk to me.

He pulled up a chair and looked nervous as he sat down. He started to talk and then blew out and breathed in deeply. I could tell it was something important that he was going to tell me and that he was anxious about it. So I let him sit in that space and observed, knowing he would speak when he was ready.

And what he had to say was this – that he had rented out my office to someone else! Someone wanted to use my office and rent it full-time. Now, as I use this office only two days a week and they need the money for it, I could understand.

But then he said the guy wanted to rent it starting in 10 days from now! It’s not even mid-month yet and they were pretty much asking me to vacate immediately. They offered me a choice of either of two smaller rooms in this office space in the clinic.

My old supervisor was expecting me to be upset, I could tell. However, I was not upset and I could even see the sense in it. I had no resistance to the idea except for that I would miss my office of five years and my beautiful view.

Not only did I not go into fear but when I thought about it, I felt it was sort of perfect. I had planned to decrease my days there anyway as I transitioned to another space and was thinking how to tell them…and yet here they were, offering me the perfect solution. Not only that, but the smaller office then comes with a vastly decreased rent.

So on the contrary, I was not upset at all (although I did tell them I was staying until the end of the month since I had already paid for it). Other than stating my boundary about the time frame, I realized that this was a very good thing for me. I felt like I truly was in the divine flow – it seemed the universe was saying yes to my plans.

Now, had I chosen to react in fear or with resistance, it would have increased my old supervisor’s feelings of anxiety and there would have been tension between us. Since I accepted it and recognized the good, I felt at peace.

There is another story of mine that illustrates this as well. The last person that I dated, I really liked a lot. I stayed pretty open in my heart and in my relating with him, but there came a time when he felt something was off and pulled back. He was not able to maintain closeness and after a time, he told me this. He also said that he had been concerned because he didn’t want to hurt my feelings.

Here I had a choice…and how would it go?

I thought about it and even felt into it. Then I told him that it didn’t hurt my feelings – that I realized it wasn’t about me. I felt at ease with it and realized that this relationship was so close to what I’ve been wanting – and I actually allowed myself to remain open (something I had not done much in the past)!

In truth, although I was sad that it didn’t work out with him, I was also excited because I could only imagine how much better the next person I would meet would resonate with me. And this is the case, indeed for now I’m in love with a most amazing person!

In the past I have found myself in situations that I resisted and resented – at times even became depressed about and yet as time went on, I was able to see how they actually gave me what I had wanted.

I use these personal stories to illustrate my point above – that if you see the benefit (or allow yourself to be in a state of accepting the not knowing) and feel into the experience, rather than reacting with fear – great things come to you!

Is there a situation in your life that you’re currently resisting? How would it be to shift your perspective and surrender? You get to choose.

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